Respect Whilst Training

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Respect Whilst Training

Step by step walk the thousand-mile road.” Miyamoto Musashi1 1584-1645 (Japanese swordsman, philosopher2, strategist3, writer and ronin4)

Yes people, that’s right, another quote from one of my favourite historical sources, Which always seems fitting when writing about or discussing the martial arts.

What I am extending upon here is from my original rundown of club principles found here (Click here).

Specifically here, respect and etiquette5. To tie back to the quote, we are all on our own thousand mile road, we are all walking our own path, that path may lead through the martial arts. But we are fortunate on these strange roads, by being lead by people with the knowledge to assist us if we are willing to accept. To take from them principles, that can act as our own guidance and navigation6.

These individuals that give up of their time, to give you a helping hand, to help you improve, to be ready to allow you to be a gatekeeper of martial knowledge.

Now, this all sounds pretty grand doesn’t it. But that is what our instructors at the Elemental Kickboxing Academy do. Each of them has forged their own path and their own journey, they have earnt the belts that they wear, through work and dedication. So it is only right that we listen at all times to the instructions we are given. They may seem odd to us, they may seem counter productive but it is in their skill we must trust.

They have your best interests at heart and would like nothing more to see you grow and to help them grow through their constant interactions.

We are lucky, not only to have instructors that have decades of experience under their belts (no pun intended), but we represent a whole spectrum of different teachings and age ranges. We have big instructors and small instructors who intimately understand any and all challenges. With every class they teach, they grow their knowledge also.

They also welcome and appreciate feedback on their teachings, which should and must be done in a respectful way.

So this is not just doing as per our class conduct rules (being on time, being ready to train etc), but obeying all things the instructor has prepared.

The best way to present any other comments you may have is after classes, one on one, to work through things directly. In a respectful manner. Moreover, this may be something you could need to work through at your own pace in a personal training appointment (click here). The instructors will always listen and will understand.

We are also lucky that we have a very relaxed class and we can have a lot of laughs whilst training, but we must remember the named lead instructor for the night is in charge, due to their experience, understanding of the clubs ethos, policies, safeguarding, risk assessments and relevant DBS checks.

We do not operate rules of sweeping the floor, asking the sensei for a toilet break or any other such diversions. But you should be aware these can be fairly standard with other instructors at other more historical teachings.

It is the way of things not only with martial arts, but with life, we must approach new challenges tentatively, no matter our experience or standing. This then shows respect and consideration to what we are doing. Even if these things may appear different or strange to us.

So in closing, what I will say is. Look to those who are teaching you and pay heed to their words and actions, look to those around you who are already wearing higher belts, they are there to help you. Be open to learning something new, no matter who from and be willing to go outside of your understanding. You might find the bearing that you needed to continue your journey.

Be on time, be ready, bow on the floor is that is how you are trained. Give of yourself at one hundred percent and you will find that you will see the results that you long for and that your instructor wants to see in you.

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