Elemental Kickboxing Academy

Our Classes

Welcome to The Elemental Kickboxing Academy in Leeds!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of freestyle karate and kickboxing? Whether you're a beginner or have mixed abilities, our academy offers a range of classes throughout the week that cater to your needs.

Discover Freestyle Karate and Kickboxing: Our stand-up combat sport draws its roots from the rich traditions of Karate and Muay Thai, creating a hybrid martial art that incorporates elements from various styles. At our academy, you'll learn the art of striking, kicking, and punching in a dynamic and engaging environment.

Experience a Whole-Body Workout: Our purpose-built facility is the perfect setting for our classes, providing you with a complete fitness experience. A typical class includes freestyle karate, kickboxing, high-intensity drills, skipping, speed and agility exercises, circuit training, strength and endurance drills, and core conditioning. Our cardio-conditioning component is highly effective in improving fitness, and as you progress, you'll gain valuable skills, increased confidence, better balance, coordination, and timing. Plus, training in a group setting is an excellent way to socialize and meet new people who share your interests.

Children and Adults Welcome: We offer a variety of class times for both children and adults, which you can easily find on our website and booking app. If you're curious about our club, you can easily try it out with our simple trial option.

Elevate Your Skills with Gradings: Our club operates a quarterly grading schedule for members looking to advance in skill and an annual grading schedule for dan grades. Gradings are an essential part of your development, offering motivation and a means to measure your progress. You'll receive valuable feedback from our senior instructors.

Contact Sparring and Fight Clubs: For those interested in sparring, we have contact sparring sessions following industry-standard rules. Additionally, we organize ad hoc fight clubs, encouraging members to compete in a safe and supportive environment within our club. We even attend competition sparring events upon request.

Flexible Training Options: Outside of class time, club members are welcome to use our facilities for independent training at a small fee. We also provide one-on-one coaching for freestyle karate, kickboxing, taekwondo, and personal training with our experienced lead instructors and approved sub-contractors. If you're already an instructor or personal trainer, you can apply to hire our facilities as well.

Remote and Online Training: Can't make it to the club? No problem! We offer remote training options and online programs that allow you to train independently and progress externally. You can even combine these resources with our group classes, gym access, and one-on-one coaching to create a personalized training plan that suits your lifestyle.

Ready to kickstart your journey into freestyle karate and kickboxing? Join us at The Elemental Kickboxing Academy in Leeds and unlock your full potential. Your adventure begins here!