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At the Elemental Kickboxing Academy, we have had experience of working with a wide range of people. Have a read of our members' testimonials to see what our new, old and long term clients have had to say about us! *Please note, results may vary person to person

Danielle Dunwell

Since being a member at EKA, I have noticed that every instructor has a drive to inspire an motivate everyone is unmissable & there passion for the sport is inspiring others everyday/ class. I like the fact there's limit on the class size, which helps when you don't understand how to do something or unsure, then the instructor is never far away or too busy. Every time I finish a session, I feel that motivated that I just want to book in again, I have noticed a great change in my progression, simple moves I thought were hard at the start are now becoming easier.

- Danielle Dunwell 2022

Joss Torkington

I look forward to lessons. I’ll be honest, I’m in the edgiest phase of my life, so all in all it does just feel good to have some way to vent. The club feels safe with open minded people alike, and they always has kit ready for newcomers but it is much more convenient to have your own off hand. The grading system runs from white belt to black belt. The grading helps me stay motivated and it feels rewarding to get to the next belt. I have definitely progressed since I joined, and it always feels great to figure out how to properly do a certain kick or move, which is another part of the fun of it. James has been my primary instructor since I started a couple years ago, with Ryan taking a few lessons here and there. David has done a few of my gradings, and all of those that he did were well organised and executed.

- Joss Torkington 2022

Maria Varela

I've been with Elemental Kickboxing Leeds since June 2021 and I have been truly enjoying my classes. The classes push you to your limits which can be challenging but so accomplishing at the same time. You get to learn proper kickboxing technique and you don't have to use beginner classes only if you are a beginner, you can pop into the mixed abilities classes and all the classes are very accommodating to your level of fitness and kickboxing journey. I even tried their flexibility programme and it definitely has improved my flexibility which helps a lot with kicks. Another thing to add is that you don't need to have equipment if you are not sure of fully committing yourself yet as these are provided if you don't have your own. The club instructors are all really friendly and we have a good laugh whenever we are not out of breath or not feeling our legs anymore.

- Maria Varela 2022

Ryan Butler

I started here when I was 10 and achieved my 1st dan black belt at 14. Another 4 years down the line and I am in my final year of becoming a qualified personal trainer through an apprenticeship at Elemental Fitness. From training here as a child to working here, I can definitely recommend the EKA if you are looking to start martial arts, especially the Tuesday sessions at 18:00 and 19:30 ;)

- Ryan Butler 2022

Chris Mellor

The instructors are friendly and competent. Training is demanding but you get out what you put in. Keep going and you’ll see the difference in your physique and your ability. The equipment and gym are brilliant.

- Chris Mellor 2022

Ewa Jamróz

Fantastic place. My boys aged 10 and 7 have been training there for over 2 years and they absolutely love it. A very welcoming and supportive environment, with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Reasonably priced too! Highly recommended

- Ewa Jamróz 2019

Keith Hill

A great club with an excellent atmosphere. The instructors are first class and there’s lots of friendly members waited to train alongside you too. If you’re looking to get fit; if you have an interest in martial arts, or simply want to learn something new then I’d highly recommend checking EKA out.

- Keith Hill 2018

James Laughey

I had previously participated in a couple of kickboxing clubs around the Leeds area, and at these clubs I never felt really comfortable until I joined EKA. It is without doubt the most friendly club I joined, I felt welcomed and not daunted by the pupils and instructors. I joined the club to keep up my fitness and to learn a form of martial art.

- James Laughey 2018

Helen Frost

Joined after Christmas as a challenge to myself. Extremely friendly club and was immediately made to feel welcome. Fantastic classes and before I know it the class is over leaving me looking forward to the next session. Great fun and I feel like I’m learning so much. Would highly recommend for people of all ages.

- Helen Frost 2018

Emma Gascoigne

Before I found these guys I was overweight, unfit and lacked confidence so I was apprehensive to say the least. I've found the atmosphere welcoming, and everyone is supportive and friendly. Now I'm hooked! And it is one hell of a workout. Hands down beats any gym I've ever been to (and there have been lots)!!

- Emma Gascoigne 2018

Jack Massey

I've been attending classes for just over a year now and I'm very happy with my fitness progression thanks to EKA. The instructors are highly skilled, knowledgeable professionals who have made me feel completely at ease from my first session. Having wanted to join a martial arts club for many years I've always felt as though the experience may be a little too daunting...however, you are in very safe hands at Elemental. If you're looking to get fit, make new friends and potentially work your way through the Kick-boxing grading scheme then I definitely recommend training with this club. Currently training for Junior purple belt and it's a fantastic feeling. Thanks all.

- Jack Massey 2018

Louise Martin

My son joined just before Christmas and loves it, it gives him confidence in himself, would highly recommend it to people

- Louise Martin 2018

Michael Cooke

I have been training with David since 2009. I would recommend David for personal training and the club has a great atmosphere and togetherness. My nephew is 5 and has recently started attending and he loves it too. Suitable for all ages, fitness levels etc

- Michael Cooke 2017

Paul Glossop

The instructors are friendly, patient and make you feel at ease whilst motivating you and ‎pushing you. The club members are equally friendly and full of encouragement offering ‎constructive advice; there is a good rapport at the club. My ‎fitness levels feel better now at 38 than they did at times in my 20s.*

- Paul Glossop 2017

Becky Cairns

As the third kickboxing club I have been part of, Elemental Kickboxing Leeds has the best atmosphere, best instructor, best kit, and has progressed my fitness and skills the most! The training sessions are varied, and seem to include members of all levels. There is also the chance to see yourself improve by getting belts and feedback. If you like a challenge, it’s definitely worth a try!

- Becky Cairns 2018

Vicky Arnold

I joined EKA after seeing how supportive they were as a club towards my sons’ training. I had done boxercise classes at the gym but I enjoy these classes more because there is a chance to properly learn the techniques from skilled instructors and do more contact work. The classes are a much better workout that any gym circuits class I’ve done, with knowledgeable and friendly instructors, who push you just the right amount. I’m learning to row competitively and the EKA classes are really helping with developing flexibility and core strength. Starting at a kickboxing gym on the wrong side of 40 was a little nerve-wracking but you are made to feel welcome whatever your ability – the club feels really safe and friendly and there’s a great mix of people to train with.

- Vicky Arnold 2022

Kirsty Burleigh

My son very much enjoys going Kickboxing here. He enjoys the training with instructor Ryan, who is very good with the class. Ryan ensures they all warm up before the class and makes it fun for all with games/rewards such as a sticker chart. Each week he learns how to safely kickbox, and gets that energy out, which for my son is fab as he is always turbo charged. We as parents get to see him train, and see how happy it makes him. EKA is a safe environment with lots of things to offer for the whole family. As well as seating, so you can see them. The boxing bags, mats /climbing wall are all good fun. There is also toilets in the Facility. Overall we would recommend here to kids/family's of any age..

- Kirsty Burleigh 2022

Richard Milligan

I’ve been coming here for close to 2 years and it’s a great place to train. The team at Elemental are very professional and accommodating, whether you’re a complete beginner or pro you’ll fit in perfectly. Everyone is treat equally and respect, guidance and patience is afforded to beginners and professionals alike.

- Richard Milligan 2022