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Kickboxing training is a sports based approach to physical exercise. Elemental Kickboxing Leeds has highly qualified martial arts instructors to teach members from complete beginner to more experienced black belts and competition fighters. We use the modern methods of freestyle karate and kickboxing to help individuals achieve their targets through the high energy approach this type of martial arts offers, whether it be improve fitness and strength, lose weight or learn martial arts, grade and compete.

Freestyle karate and kickboxing is a highly effective form of exercise. In terms of physical and psychological benefits, it sits their at the top. Its high energy work out helps to reduce stress and lift mood due to its cardio demands when training stimulating the release of endorphins alongside striking pads and bags with your hands, feet, elbows and knees. Kickboxing boosts self esteem and confidence enabling the participant to see improvements in their physical performance through better quality strikes, longer and more challenging combinations as well as the opportunity to grade. The movements improve a participants balance and coordination through kickboxing on one leg, jumping and controlled hand and foot movement. Physically kickboxing burns a lot of calories when performed correctly, the routines are physically demanding and all this movement requires lots of calories! Kickboxing is also great for developing and toning muscles through the striking of pads, changes in direction, jumping, and balancing on one leg for example. Kickboxing is a great motivator, its often referred to as been enjoyable and mentally stimulating due to the trainee developing a new skill. The social interaction between trainer and student, as well as the concentration required when performing the movements is a very rewarding form of exercise with the student eventually forgetting the fact, they are exercising!


First 4 classes £20.00. No strings, no commitment, just great training.