Adult Classes

Elemental Kickboxing Academy

Class Times


19:00 – 20:30
Beginner/Intermediate/Mixed abilities


19:00 – 20:30
Beginner/Intermediate/Mixed Abilities


19:00 – 20:30
Intermediate/Advanced/Mixed Abilities
Includes Contact Sparring


12:30 – 14:00
Beginner/Intermediate/Mixed Abilities

About our Adult Classes

Our adult's classes at the Elemental kickboxing Academy are not like traditional Martial Arts classes. Instead of focusing solely on the tradition and perfecting techniques we use freestyle kickboxing as a means to get fit. Our beginner classes let the novice take it at their own pace and enjoy the session without an overload of strict discipline you may get at a traditional establishment.

However, our senior classes let you take it that one step further and allow the individual to progress through the belts and focus on becoming a better martial artist. You'll do more sparring and more intense techniques to test your body and show off all that hard training.