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Throughout its existence, Team EKA established a positive reputation within the martial arts community, celebrating national and world champions across various age, weight, and gender categories. Interested in competing and joining team? Learn more about what the training involves and how to get started.

What to Expect

Training for competing in freestyle karate and kickboxing typically involves a comprehensive approach that encompasses various aspects of physical conditioning, technique development, and mental preparation.

Physical Conditioning

Guidance for Cardiovascular Training: Endurance is crucial in martial arts competitions.

Guidance for Strength Training: Building strength helps improve striking power, grappling ability, and overall resilience. This may involve weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, and resistance training.

Flexibility and Mobility: Flexibility enhances agility, reduces the risk of injury, and improves overall performance. Expect to include stretching and mobility exercises in your training regimen.

Technique Development

Striking Techniques: Focus on developing precise and powerful punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. This includes practicing various combinations and striking drills to improve speed and accuracy.

Grappling Techniques: Even in freestyle karate and kickboxing, grappling skills are important for clinch work and defending against takedowns. Training may involve learning takedown defence, escapes, and basic grappling submissions.

Footwork and Movement: Efficient footwork and movement are essential for maintaining distance, evading strikes, and creating angles for attack. Expect to work on agility drills, footwork patterns, and sparring to improve your movement skills.

Sparring & Simulation

Light Sparring: Practicing controlled sparring sessions allows you to apply techniques in a more dynamic and realistic environment. This helps you develop timing, distance management, and adaptability.

Semi-Contact Sparring (Points): Engage in controlled sparring sessions, enabling you to execute techniques with speed while emphasising control and precision. These rounds feature a stop-start format, akin to a strategic game of tig.

Full-Contact Sparring (Optional): Depending on your level of experience and competition goals, you may engage in full-contact sparring sessions to simulate actual fight scenarios. Safety precautions and protective gear are crucial in such training.

Training with other clubs: Expand your horizons by engaging in joint training sessions either at our facility or other locations. This provides you with valuable opportunities to spar with a diverse range of opponents, enhancing your experience and skillset across varying abilities.

Check out additional resources here Fight Club Rules Elemental Kickboxing Leeds ( for sparring rules and equipment.

Mental Preparation

Visualisation and Mental Rehearsal: Visualising yourself performing techniques effectively and winning competitions can enhance confidence and mental toughness.

Focus and Concentration: Training to maintain focus under pressure is vital for competition. This may involve mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, and mental drills.

Strategy and Tactics: Understanding your opponent's tendencies and developing effective strategies can give you a competitive edge. Analysing fights, studying opponents, and working with coaches to formulate game plans are essential aspects of mental preparation.

Check out our additional resources here Fight Tips Elemental Kickboxing Leeds ( for competition preparation and tips.

Competition Specific Training

Mock Competitions: Simulating competition conditions in training helps familiarise you with the pace, intensity, and rules of actual fights. This may include mock sparring matches or simulated tournament scenarios.

Conditioning for Rounds: Training to sustain high levels of performance over multiple rounds is crucial. Work on interval training and conditioning drills that mimic the duration and intensity of rounds in competition.

Join the Squad

If you're interested in joining Team EKA or learning more about our upcoming events and training sessions, please email your interest to or speak with Josh.

Get ready to unleash your potential and join us as we embark on this exciting journey with Team EKA!

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