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What to Expect

Our Fight Clubs offer dedicated sparring sessions designed to enhance your skills while providing an exhilarating experience. Each session is structured to complement our standard classes, offering a blend of physical conditioning, technique refinement, and simulated combat scenarios. With no long-term commitment required, these sessions are both enjoyable and immensely beneficial for improving your sparring abilities, ultimately contributing to your progress in gradings.

Physical Conditioning

Cardiovascular Training Guidance: Endurance is key in martial arts sparring.

Strength Training Guidance: Building strength enhances striking power, grappling proficiency, and overall resilience, incorporating weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, and resistance training.

Flexibility and Mobility: Stretching and mobility exercises enhance agility, mitigate injury risks, and optimize performance.

Technique Develiopment

Precision Striking Techniques: Focus on refining punches, kicks, elbows, and knees with precision and power through various combinations and striking drills.

Defensive Manoeuvres: Learn traditional defensive techniques, evasions, parries, and takedown defences.

Footwork Mastery: Efficient footwork and movement are fundamental for maintaining distance, evading strikes, and creating attacking angles.

Sparring & Simulation

Light Sparring: Engage in controlled sessions to apply techniques dynamically, fostering timing, distance management, and adaptability.

Semi-Contact Sparring (Points): Execute techniques with speed, emphasizing control and precision in a stop-start format resembling a strategic game.

Full-Contact Sparring (Optional): For experienced practitioners with competition aspirations, simulate real fight scenarios with proper safety precautions and protective gear.

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Further Information

Mat Usage: Our mats are divided into two sections—one for points fighting/light continuous sparring and the other for shadow fighting and light contact, providing a comfortable space for beginners and those not yet comfortable in the ring.

Traffic Light System: In the ring, sparring intensity is indicated using a traffic light system (green for light, red for more intense), agreed upon by both participants to ensure adherence to sparring etiquette and control levels.

Club Schedule: Fight Club sessions are arranged ad hoc and scheduled via our club app, with instructors pairing members for competitive sparring rounds.

Preparation and Community: Fight Club prepares Team EKA fighters for competitions and offers all members the chance to practice in a controlled environment. It fosters camaraderie, reassures, builds confidence, and generates fun.

Inclusive Environment: Everyone over the age of 11, regardless of ability, is welcome. However, participants must be fully insured, licensed club members, and have the required sparring kit meeting club specifications



Please download and read the Elemental Kickboxing Leeds Fight Club rules



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