Voluntary Kickboxing Instructor


Voluntary Kickboxing Instructor

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Voluntary Kickboxing Instructor

Voluntary Kickboxing Instructor

We are looking for a voluntary kickboxing instructors to assist our lead instructors. Interested? Learn more below

The Benefits

Assisting a kickboxing instructor offers numerous benefits beyond just enhancing your martial arts skills.

Here are five key advantages:

Skill Development: Assisting a kickboxing instructor provides hands-on experience in teaching and refining techniques. This opportunity allows you to deepen your understanding of kickboxing principles and hone your own skills as you demonstrate and explain moves to students.

Leadership Experience: Serving as an assistant instructor fosters leadership qualities as you guide and motivate students during classes. You learn how to manage a group effectively, provide constructive feedback, and cultivate a positive learning environment.

Increased Confidence: Interacting with students and helping them progress builds your confidence both in your martial arts abilities and your communication skills. Over time, you become more comfortable demonstrating techniques and addressing the needs of individuals with diverse skill levels.

Networking Opportunities: Assisting a kickboxing instructor exposes you to a network of fellow martial artists and fitness enthusiasts. You have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and potentially form valuable relationships within the martial arts community.

Personal Growth: Beyond technical proficiency, assisting an instructor encourages personal growth and self-awareness. You develop patience, empathy, and resilience as you support students through their martial arts journey. This role challenges you to adapt to different learning styles and overcome obstacles, contributing to your overall growth as a martial artist and as an individual.

In summary, assisting a kickboxing instructor offers a multifaceted learning experience that goes beyond physical techniques, providing opportunities for skill development, leadership, confidence building, networking, and personal growth.

Responsibilities Include

- To assist lead instructors with their duties

- Assist with teaching in the form of demonstrations, setting up activities with equipment and tidying up

- Assist with planning of the sessions

- Assist with teaching in the form of moving around the group during line work and partner work (when appropriate) and advising members on how to improve

- To lead warm ups, stretch routines and cool downs

- On request assistant instructor may share training ideas with the lead instructor and lead short elements of the class on an ad hoc basis if deemed it will benefit the members of the class and its current content

- Show willingness to participate and engage fully with class to motivate and support


- You to be an existing member and already practicing freestyle karate and kickboxing

- A minimum grade of junior blue belt

- Be athletically fit and physically able

- A minimum of age of 13 years old when the role starts

- Show weekly commitment to the class

- To be available to start w/c 17.04.23

- To wear Team EKA kit and belt

- To exercise professionalism and ethical conduct with all club members and instructors

*please note a physical fitness assessment may be carried out to ensure you meet our requirements


As a result of your help you will receive constructive feedback to develop your instructing skills from the lead instructor relevant to the role and its expectations. The role is voluntary but commitment will be required to the role with weekly attendance of classes. You will develop your instructing experience and technical ability in preparation for higher grades whilst assisting lower grade members within club. Help and guidance will also be available through the wider team of instructors of the Elemental Kickboxing Leeds club. Assistant instructors will receive free gym access whilst they participate in this role to train at their convenience outside of class time.

The role will initially be voluntary, however there will be scope to grow your position should you wish.

If you have any questions or would like to put your name forwards please email info@elemental-fitness.com, ring the office on 0113 2057433 or use our contact form here.

We look forwards to hearing from you!

Healthy regards,

The EKA Team

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