Newsletter: March 2022


Newsletter: March 2022

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Newsletter: March 2022

Did anyone notice the smell of paint in the air? Or David in his paint overalls? Or Ryan’s hands covered in paint. Yeah, the team were painting away in the corridor, only took them 12 hours in total to get 90% of the work done (only the skirting boards and detailing left) all whilst doing their normal jobs – that’s commitment.

Let’s see what else the team have been up to.

Kickboxing Classes

At the EKA we pride ourselves on being an approachable martials arts establishment. Over the years we have had many come through our doors and comment on how we run our classes. A few years back, with the height of fight club on the Saturday afternoon, we had created a traffic light system for sparring – this was to give all members confidence when it came to fighting.

We wanted to remind all members we take this seriously and want everyone to feel comfortable at classes that have sparring in them.

We appreciate that it takes time to practice control of power and levelling your ability appropriately. You could be partnered with anyone, any size, any ability. This can be daunting for new and even existing members, and we don’t want to keep sparring exclusive. It is an opportunity to put into practice what you have learned, as well as enjoying the sport of kickboxing.

To learn more on the traffic light system please check out October newsletter that explains how to approach your next bout.

Elemental Fitness Online

New events have been added to the calendar under the Elemental Fitness Gym Access. These slots are for those wanting to have use of the facilities outside of their classes or PT sessions.

Increasing your frequency of training is a sure-fire way of building better results in a shorter term. You get unlimited access to the facilities with the booking system choosing which hourly slot you would like to come down and train and it doesn’t have to be just an hour. If you want a quick 30-minute blast or get in the grove and go a full 2 hours this is fine too.

To get involved please speak with one of the Elemental Fitness Team or email

Children’s classes

Ryan’s February press-up challenge really pushed the little ninjas to their limits, with some improved form on the exercise (a difficult one for the little ones, and sometimes for the grownups too)

March’s challenge is going to be quite tasking on their leg and glute strength. The kids will need to see how many straight leg pulses they can do without putting your foot down’ in the roundhouse kick position, there is also a limit of 1 minute (Just in case there is someone who does it forever)

Kids class special mentions

Karina Masiagina: Her kata is becoming effortless, and she won’t back down at the chance to show the rest of the class. Her confidence in performing the kata, which is 2-3 belts above her current belt, has shot through the roof. Keep up the good work!

Adults Classes

5 full weeks back-to-back of full Saturday classes, this is awesome to see familiar faces come through the door each week and allows the instructors to keep momentum through their plan week by week.

We have also seen a boost in the intro offer (first four classes) last month with the most newcomers since last April after the lockdown increasing the overall count of members through the EKA doors – going by our mailing lists and estimating way back when we used to train in and out of school halls and community centers, we have easily surpassed 1000 kickboxing members (possibly 1500!) – not bad for, what once was, a vision of one person wanting to improve the lifestyles of people with some simple kickboxing classes.

Adults class special mentions

Katy McMaster: She has shown dedication by training in back-to-back sessions every week. Even after doing a grueling leg day with Ryan, she still did the class after and didn’t complain despite the leg fatigue. Her kicks are looking sharp, and she is fast and fierce when on the pads – hard work pays off. Well done.


Grading starts next week!

See details below. And make sure you check out the grading page on hot to get booked on.

Monday 7th March 2022

Kids white & yellow 1630

Adults white & yellow 1800

Tuesday 8th March 2022

Kids orange & red 1630

Adults orange & red 1800

Wednesday 9th March 2022

Kids green 1630

Adults green 1900

Thursday 10th March 2022

Kids Junior & Senior Purple 1630

Adults Junior & Senior Purple 1800

Wednesday 16th of March 2022

Kids Junior & Senior Blue 1630

Adults Junior & Senior Blue 1800

Thursday 17th March 2022

Kids Junior & Brown 2 & Senior Brown 1630

Adults Junior & Brown 2 & Senior Brown 1800

Black Belt grading has been confirmed, read more about it here.

Saturday 25th June 2022 08.00 - 13.00

1st & 2nd Dan Black Belts


Senior 2nd Dan Black Belt Instructor, James, has recently qualified for his Lower Back Pain Specialist Level 4. This means he can work with those that suffer with back pain issues from non-specific mechanical pain to nerve root damage.

James himself has suffered with lower back issues (sometimes you wont stop hearing about how he used to work a nightshift at Sainsburys lifting heavy produce), so knows full well the problems it can cause.

If you are interested in a 1 on 1 session with James to programme a routine assisting with your back related issues, then let us know. Email to find out more.


10% off 20 face to face & 10 hours remote (Hybrid Training)


Offer runs from 01.03.22 – 14.03.22 - Terms & Conditions apply.


To coincide with James’ recent pass on his lower back pain specialist qualification here islittle blog on how low back pain can affect a person’s life from physiological pain to psychological issues.