New Class Times


New Class Times

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New Class Times

Elemental Kickboxing Leeds

Important Changes

Due to the coronavirus pandemic the club has been left with no option but to entirely restructure the club. This has been an enormous task, from the implementation of the new bookings system, restructuring class times around existing commitments...both as a business and personally for many of our instructors amoungst our newly implemental Covid-19 procedures to help keep you all safe.

To reinforce our safety measures the new bookings tool via My PT Hub is limiting our class sizes to 12 members per group + 2 spaces for new members. The smaller group sizes will definitely have its benefits such as more individual time with the class instructor and a safer environment for all due to current social distancing measures. However this will have financial implications on the club, in short if we were to continue with our current class schedule our club intake would be significantly affected with a reduction of 50% in memberships. Therefore, logic told us to ensure we survive as a club longer term we need to double up on our classes to ensure we can continue to deliver the same number of 'hours' per member. In order to do this we have decided to restructure both our adult and children's class times.

We're really excited amount the change and feel very positive after such an eventful year so far. We hope they work for you too.

Elemental Kickboxing Leeds

How & Why

Our children's kickboxing classes have now been reduced to a 1 hour class once per day (Monday to Thursday, and at a slightly earlier time on a Saturday). Fortunately our mid week classes were rarely full, therefore we felt our children's classes could be reduced but not hinder a members experience or significantly reduce tuition time with an instructor.

Our adults kickboxing classes have now been reduced to a 1 hour class and increased from 5 classes per week to 10 classes per week (Monday to Thursday, and Saturday). This approach will allow our existing members to continue attending the classes on the preferred night of the week whilst been able to open the club to new members.

Our KATA Forms class will be taking place at the earlier time on a Wednesday to make way for the earlier adults classes and continue to be open to members of all ages.

Our Fight Club will now be offered as part of our class time and monthly membership at the slightly earlier time on a Saturday every week. This will bring it within the facilities opening hours and be lead by James & Aidan. Whilst we are implementing COVID-19 procedures, fight club will be structured to adhere to social distancing measures through the use of fighting drills opposed to contact sparring. This will be undergo a full review around 21.11.20 at the latest.

Every class we offer now has a 30 minute window between each class, allowing members and instructors to clean down any equipment used and exit the facility before the next class begins.

Elemental Kickboxing Leeds

Your Membership

We understand for some this may result in reduced club time on your current membership. Therefore we have updated our existing memberships so all our members continue to receive the agreed same amount of tuition time when joining the club.

- Our Bronze Membership (previously one class per week) will now be eligible to 6 classes per month, providing you with the same amount of class time.

- Our Silver Membership (previously two classes per week) will now be eligible to 12 classes per month, providing you with the same amount of class time.

- Our Gold Membership (unlimited classes per week) will continue to receive unlimited class time across the entire club.

- Our Premium Membership (unlimited classes per week + discounted perks) will continue to receive unlimited class time across the entire club.

*please note all members are welcome to book two classes on the same day should their membership allow (this would result in two classes used)

Elemental Kickboxing Leeds

Pay As You Go

We will continue to offer new members their first 4 classes for £12.00 to trial the club. However, unfortunately the pay as you go option will be unavailable until February 2021 at the latest and we better understand the credit system available via this app.

Everyone wanting to attend our classes regularly will be required to enrol with the club and commit to a monthly membership to secure their class booking through the app. Due to limitations on the app itself, instructors will be unable to book unsigned members onto a class via the app.

Thank you for your continued patience, we look forwards to training with you again soon!