Grading Update V2.0


Grading Update V2.0

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Grading Update V2.0

Elemental Kickboxing Leeds


We understand at Elemental Kickboxing Leeds gradings are important. Gradings give everyone an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to peers and instructors, they highlight an individual’s strengths and areas of weakness which are required for improvement. Gradings are undoubtedly one of the key driving forces to keeping members focused and motivated. Each grading should make you question your ability, challenge your determination to succeed and test your commitment to the sport. Not everyone will take it to their dans grades, but those who do grade get recognised for their achievement through certification and a new belt. For these reasons, we will make every effort to arrange gradings where possible.

Please note the club gradings will be arranged subject to the club running as outlined in our 4 step plan. To keep our club in line with covid restriction we will continue to implement our company COVID-19 procedures and adapt the gradings where necessary maintain social distancing.

The Plan, before 21.06.21

We will be hosting children's white, yellow, orange and red belt gradings until 21.06.21 at the earliest.

The white, yellow and orange belts on the syllabus will be adapted to none contact. We can mark members on technical ability through line work and shadow work only.

The red belt will be adapted to bag work only where contact was previously required. Every member grading for their red belt will be required to demonstrate bag work in front of the class instead of sparring. Round times will be performed under the watchful eye of class peers, spectators and instructors to challenge the individual, and defensive work will be practiced using striking sticks whilst wearing full sparring equipment. This approach will give members at the club the opportunity to grade and demonstrate contact work through an improvised and aggressive display of technical ability, similar to sparring.

As always, on successful completion of the syllabus set forth by the Elemental Kickboxing Leeds Academy the member will receive their next grade.

The clubs next scheduled grading dates will be announced next week.

Future Gradings, after 22.06.21

Moving forwards we have no way of knowing how long these social distancing measures will be in place for and we want to prepare. Therefore, we are preparing a COVID-19 grading syllabus to keep members up to senior brown belt grading throughout the Coronavirus pandemic from August 2021. The new syllabus will share many similarities to our current one, however the KATA form will be changing, and the contact work will be adapted throughout the syllabus with a suitable, yet beneficial alternative. Should Covid restriction be lifted before August 2021 we will return to our existing syllabus.

Dan Gradings, after 01.08.21

Regarding the clubs’ black belt dan gradings. Unfortunately, we cannot commit to a practical assessment without the ability to perform contact work at this level. We plan to review our COVID-19 procedures on/or around 21.06.21 in line with the governments 4 step plan. If the clubs door continue to stay open we will start arranging the instructional element of the gradings from August 2021. Each member grading will be contacted personally in July to get the process moving.

We understand it is disappointing not having a specific date to to aim for at the moment, especially after years of hard training. We encourage you to stay positive. Our doors are always open to anyone feeling deflated during these challenging times. Be thankful for your ability to train again and use this time to perfect your techniques for the days you will be able to start using them again.

Important, New Gradings Bookings Procedure

To keep in line with the clubs COVID-19 procedures and government restrictions all gradings will need to be booked in advance.

Members on our mailing list (club members) will receive an email once the grading date/s are confirmed, this email will contain a link to our grading information page on the Elemental Kickboxing Leeds website.

Members will need to click on the link under grading information/grading fee's and pay via the app. Upon payment please book into your chosen grading via the app calendar as normal.

Please remember, currently we have a maximum of 12 spaces per grading, book early to avoid disappointment.