Stuart Wright

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Stuart Wright

Stu has trained with the Elemental Kickboxing Leeds since 2017. He is a 1st dan black belt in taekwondo and senior grade at the Elemental Kickboxing Leeds.

Stu has trained with the Elemental Kickboxing Leeds since 2017 and has graded under David Kenyon (4th Dan) to date. Stu trained with TBC and graded up to 1st dan black belt under TBC

Stu is a technical martial artist with a powerful kicking ability. He is a well-balanced and patient instructor providing positive feedback to build member confidence, whilst concentrating on areas members need to improve.

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Fighter Profile:

First Name: Stu

Surname: Wright

Date of Birth: 01/08/79

Date Joined: Jan 2018

Belt: Taekwondo 1st Dan Black Belt / Kickboxing Purple Belt

Weight: 75kg

Height: 180cm

Location: Leeds

Home town: Leeds

Fighting style: Taekwondo / Kickboxing

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