Newsletter: October 2022


Newsletter: October 2022

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Newsletter: October 2022

It is apparent that we are now on the path to winter with the gym heaters now back into action. Don’t worry though your instructors and trainers have a solution to assist you with warming up – a little tip they have picked up called exercise!

This way of keeping warm has also proven to help with building muscle, improving fitness, and burning fat!

Let’s get to it!

Kickboxing Classes

Kids: Jamie Dhinsa – Jamie has transitioned from the kid’s class to the adult’s evening classes – a big step for many. Wanting to improve his sparring technique for the past year, he needed to fight someone the same size as him to properly apply what he has learned. He came into the class a little hesitant but got stuck in and didn’t back down from the adults. Keep it up Jaime and you’ll have the adults considering taking the kid’s class in fear of being your opponent.

Adults: Kath Raw – Kath has been an absolute star when it comes to being a supporter of the EKA. From assisting the club for the EKA night out, calling the office phone to have a chinwag with the team and being a helping hand in class for newbies and existing members alike. Mentions don’t always need to be how well someone has performed or what P. B’s they have smashed. We would all like to thank Kath for being Kath and being so involved with the club, it doesn’t go unknown.

EKA Challenge: September’s challenge was Ryan’s attempt to prevent members’ legs from working, with a high-intensity workout that left you contemplating if you needed to walk around the following day. The challenge is split over the kid’s and adult’s classes and here are the September winners:

Kids – Lucas May

Adults - Daniel Sault

As we are now in October Ryan figured a Halloween-themed workout was due, and when we say themed, he more than likely means you’re going to be scared to even consider having a go at this one.

Elemental Fitness Online

Two things for everything online with EF. First off, we have updated our website to have a more in-depth bio of our trainers. What they specialise in, their qualifications what’s their preferred way of loo roll placement, front or back…perhaps not that last one.

Secondly, we have started to build on our branded apparel a little with an online shop. Joining forces with a company called Teemill. These guys are a sustainable option for our club uniform as well as opening the possibility for more casual wear – fancy.

Expect the site to be up and running soon and you can start to outfit your wardrobe with Elemental Fitness branded gear.

EKA Event

A great turnout for both the kids and adult EKA events in September. Jump Inc. seems to be a popular favourite for little ones and grown-ups with it being the third time we have used them. Don’t fix what isn’t broke we guess. We will continue to have them as our go-to, but we do plan to explore other events for the little ninjas.

As for the adult’s night-out, it has been a while since we met up and let our hair (and legs) down. For those who couldn’t make it, we missed you! Here is Ryan’s roundup of the night:

  • Generation lines were drawn early on by those who remembered Heaven & Hell (and who liked the same music as Andrew’s parents).
  • There were too many sharks circling the American Pool to name them all, but when it came to boys vs girls, Ryan makes an excellent girl.
  • Tobiasz is fond of arm wrestling, perhaps he would like the film Over the Top?
  • Megan and Lyndsay’s beer pong stamina, alongside Ben’s accuracy, needed to be seen to be believed.
  • Wearing shades in a nightclub is cool.
  • Oh, and for the record, the dancing suggested everyone loves an ABBA remix. One for the Jukebox?!

Big thanks to everyone, these events make the club more than a place to throw a few kicks at each other heads.


September gradings are now complete, we have many pictures and videos on our social platforms of your smiling (and very sweaty) faces after achieving your next rank – well done to all!

Below are those that graded:

Muhammad Mustaqeem

Ryan Kitto

Lucas May

Roman Penza

Eduard Covoran

Paul Freer

Zoe Freer

Eric Freer

Ella fletcher

Daria Nicolson

Alex Robey

Danielle Raw

Kathryn Raw

Brendan Frehill

Ellie Walker

Aiden Walker

Fraser Galbraith

Leon Dunn

Noah Mcmahon

Ian Westman

Oliver Wilcock

Lewis Garbutt

Kavi Moore

Sienna Vincent

Tyresha Richards

Pablo Kalias

Damian Kiss

Joel Kenyon

Andrew Smith

Luke Jackson

Riley Crowley

Filip Sied

Well done to everyone!


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