Newsletter: October 2021


Newsletter: October 2021

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Newsletter: October 2021

September was a strange month with head honcho being off for most of it. Good to see him back to work though. He is a vision-ary when it comes to running the company. It would’ve been difficult without his keen eye for the details. Now he is working again and keeping eyelid on things, making sure EKA’s pupils are keeping their focus.

Yeah, those puns where a bit cornea…okay, I’ll stop now. Luckily things have returned to normal, and we can all laugh about it now…in hindsight – sorry couldn’t help myself.

Let’s Go…!

September Grading

Some impressive performances from all this grading. With David being off, it meant James had to take charge and run the grading with the help of Ryan. As many may be aware James likes to throw a few curve balls into his grading to test members. Nothing official, he just likes to watch you work that little bit harder. He did say he enjoyed the grading and found members looked the most determined they have ever been to climb the ranks.

The next grading will be scheduled for the start of December, more information will follow in the next newsletters. Below are those that graded this time round:


- Oscar wright

- Bethany Todd

- Shaan Dhinsa

- Jamie Dhinsa

- Jaya Dhinsa

- Kavi Moore

- Avani Moore

- Filip Sied

- Damian Kiss


- Danielle Dunwell

- Ian Westman

- Harrison Parker (under 18 but graded at the adults class)

- Paul Naylor

- Leo Gordon (under 18 but graded at the adults class)

- Chris King

- Terry Wharton

- Rachel Flynn

A massive well done to all!

Kids Class Challenge

September’s press up challenge was tough on the little ninja’s upper body so let’s move on to legs! However, Damian proved that he had it in him to place first place! Well-done.

October’s challenge will have the kids complete as many clean roundhouse kicks as possible in a minute. The benefit this challenge has is through its repetition. Keeping the leg firing as many kicks as possible (making sure they are performed correctly) will certainly improve strength in the quads, hamstrings, glutes as well as their balance, so long as they don’t hold on to the railing, otherwise you know the drill…burpees!


• Your foot must remain above the waist for the rep to count

• You can’t hold on to your leg with your hand

• Correct form must remain throughout

• You can only drop your leg if you really need to!

• The winner is the person who does the most kicks in 1 minute

Challenge will start on Saturday 2nd October. Good luck.

Sparring at the EKA

With the introduction of the Monday class near the start of September, with the idea of introducing sparring to newcomers, many have asked what it is that is needed to enjoy a bit of light contact sparring.

Before pandemics we did allow for members to borrow equipment to join in sparring drills in class. Since then, we have opted out of this due to higher risk of sharing equipment and the cleaning and disinfectant needed to keep on top of ensuring safety.

Even before pandemics we have always pushed for individuals to buy their own equipment. Luckily, we have everything in the gym for you to start your sparring journey. Here is a list of what is required to join in:

  • Head guard
  • Gum shield
  • Gloves
  • Shin/instep pads
  • Foot guard
  • Groin guard (optional)
  • Chest guard (females/optional)

Members are still welcome to come to the sparring sessions and instructors will always assist if you don’t have equipment. If you want to take it to the next level, please speak to an instructor at you next class and they can guide you through fitting and prices.

Recent Blogs

A recent blog has been posted discussing the changes to the prices of Elemental Fitness’ and the EKA services. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with them.


Discounts on block sessions and bootcamps as well as easy monthly payments to spread out cost.

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