Newsletter: May 2022


Newsletter: May 2022

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Newsletter: May 2022

Once again, the team have been spring cleaning and have given the facilities a spruce-up. Only the little details this time but it makes the difference.

There is still a bit to go but there are some interesting changes coming, where this slow and steady approach will help build the foundations to what will be an awesome space to train in.

Let’s go!

Kickboxing Classes

As we draw nearer to the Black Belt grading, there will be a slight shift in instructors. As part of their overall mark towards achieving the black belt, gradee’s are required to teach, meaning they will be talking the classes from a small portion such as warm-ups to instructing the entire session.

Don’t worry, the sessions will still be of a gold standard, otherwise they wouldn’t have got this far. Please show your support by attending the classes and their black belt grading in June – more information can be found on our website.

To join in on the day purchase the participant entry here.

Elemental Fitness Online

New Package has landed – As mentioned in previous newsletters, we have been working with Rebecca Gregson of Twist Physio to formulate a programme that caters to all and works on improving kick strength and mobility.

The Kickboxing: Strength & Mobility package can be yours for £14.99. This 6-week programme has you training twice a week with a traditional strength building workout set by the team at EF and a more detailed hip mobility workout tailored by Rebecca.

If you want to take it those extra stages, we are also offering the famous Improve Your Flexibility package on top with a 20% discount – a perfect storm for those who want to accelerate their training.

Children’s classes

May Challenge

April’s challenge was to test your explosive power and endurance with as many jumping front kicks as possible. Well done to those that gave it their all, there were some impressive scores.

This month’s challenge is all about your upper body and core strength. With the cool sounding ‘tiger press’. Good luck little ninjas.

Client mentions

Layton Fidler – Layton’s passion and work ethic towards his training is outstanding. He goes above and beyond with everything he does and is always pushing himself. Keep up the hard work in and out of the gym and you will be a great martial artist, we look forward to seeing you at the gradings in June. Well done!

Leon Sied - Leon has done his class instructing for his black belt preparation and to say it was his first-time teaching, he demonstrated he has a great understanding of the syllabus and isn’t afraid to work outside of his comfort zone. For his age, it is really inspiring for our younger members, showing them what could be with hard work and dedication. Keep up the hard work Leon. Bring on June!

Adults Classes

Client mentions

Najwa Tabib – The preparations for black belt have started and she delivered a confident, well executed session. Najwa also has personal training sessions and increased her attendance to the class recently, showing us, she is prepared to put the time in to earn that black belt.

Leanne Hume – Leanne’s effort towards training gone unnoticed. With a fiery attitude and keen eye for technique (as noticed when helping those she is partnered with) she certainly is a character - who will say it how it is to you, especially if you ask her to do burpees. Well done!


Here are 2022 second set of gradings, make sure you check the website for more details.

Monday 13th June 2022

Kids white & yellow 1630

Adults white & yellow 1800

Tuesday 14th June 2022

Kids orange & red 1630

Adults’ orange & red 1800

Wednesday 15th June 2022

Kids green 1630

Adults green 1800

Thursday 16th June 2022

Kids Junior & Senior Purple 1630

Adults Junior & Senior Purple 1800

Friday 17th June 2022

Kids Junior & Senior Blue 1630

Adults Junior & Senior Blue 1800

Saturday 18th June 2022

Kids Junior & Brown 2 & Senior Brown 1000

Adults Junior & Brown 2 & Senior Brown 1130

Black Belt Gradings. Check the site for more details.

Saturday 25th June 2022 08.00 - 13.00

1st & 2nd Dan Black Belts


20% off kickboxing beginner’s combo – flexibility package and kickboxing-strength and mobility package


Offer runs 01.05.22 – 14.05.22


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