Newsletter: July 2022


Newsletter: July 2022

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Newsletter: July 2022

Welcome to the Elemental Fitness and EKA July newsletter. June grading has been completed, we now have a new group of black belts at the EKA and, as is custom of late, more paint work has been started – this time the floors.

Not long now before the summer holidays begin and we have something special coming up with a summer training camp for the youngsters to keep occupied over the summer break.

Let’s get to it!

Kickboxing Classes mentions


Pablo Kalias – Pablo’s attitude to training has really changed since getting his white belt last March. Because of this his approach to the yellow belt in June was very focused and determined! His flexibility and technical ability have skyrocketed since training regularly and other members have picked up on this. Keep up the hard work!

Karina Masiagina – Karina has come out of her shell in the past few months and has smashed her red belt grading! One step closer to black belt! She is fierce, snappy, powerful and controlled in both her kata and her sparring and it is clear to see a massive improvement in her confidence, keep it up Karina, you are going to do really well!


Andrew Smith – Andrew’s performance is unparalleled, with PT sessions and having the Elemental Fitness Gym Access he has improved vastly on what is usually expected for someone who trains once a week at class. He is proving that those extra routines go a long way and seems to be breezing through his grading, solid work!

Terence Quartermaine – Terence has been consistently training for a few months now and has not only seen progression in his ability, but also his physique which other people have started to pick up on (well done Stu) With the mixture between PT sessions and kickboxing classes, he has come on a long way from the start and has already achieved his white belt this month. Keep up the hard work!

Elemental Fitness Online

Over the last few months, we have been building content for our members to purchase as supplement to their training. We understand the current state of things with the economy has affected many of us, and we also understand that exercise is important and a great way to focus on the simpler, more essential things such as your own physical and psychological health.

We have many different approaches to training:

- At the top end are our fully tailored personal training sessions that cater to your every need, these are your bread-and-butter PT sessions

- Remote training that fills a similar focus to the above yet without the need to be present with a PT in the facility

- Online training that gives you the tools and knowledge necessary, from our experienced trainers, to work independently without sacrificing on content.

We want to give all our clients and members the ability to train to their fullest and we hope our services new and old will help clients achieve all they want, with a price that works for them.

If you want the content of a PT session yet don’t feel you’re able to make that initial investment then we would recommend remote training, a more affordable approach that saves on cost, not content. Prices per remote session work out at £8.60

Beyond that is our programmed packages that give the user the ability to obtain the same routines, the only difference is there is no personal trainer taking you through them (either in person or through remote). These individual workouts cost no more than 0.95p!

See our full price list on our training services or check out our online programmes through our storefront.

EKA Event June 2022

What a time we had at Jump Inc. A great turn out with over 20 members joining in the trampolining fun. Last time we did this was pre-covid, so it was good to have everyone together again having a laugh.

We certainly want to make this a regular thing and have penciled in a September date to return with the club (more news in later newsletters). If you like the idea of making Jump Inc. an ongoing club event or have ideas of their own let us know – its your club too. You can speak to an instructor direct when at class or email

We also plan to have a night out for the adults the week after (dates to be confirmed) again please let us know of any place’s you guys would want to meet up.

EKA Grading

June gradings are now complete, we have many pictures and videos on our social platforms of your smiling (and very sweaty) faces after achieving your next rank – well done to all!

Below are those that graded:

Lucas May

Roman Penza

Steven Dunn

Daria Nicolson

Kavi Moore

Ella Fletcher

Avani Moore

Chris Mellor

Danielle Raw

Kathryn Raw

Terry Wharton

Karina Masiagina

Jaya Dhinsa

Shaan Dhinsa

Noah Mcmahon

Leo McMahon

Terence Quartermaine

Luke Jackson

Chris King

Fraser Galbraith

Adrian Apostol

Harrison Parker

Ian Westman

Tyresha Richards

Precia Sutton

Sienna Vincent

Leon Dunn

Jamie Dhinsa

Andrew Smith

Filip Sied

Stuart Wright

Black Belt Grading

Some background on black belts at the EKA, since it’s inception we have had over 1000 members (some come and go, some stay), we have trained many through the syllabus collecting their first few belts. Of that 1000 only 20 members have achieved 1st Dan grade.

And of those (except for those recently achieving this grade) only a few still train at the EKA. This demonstrates the arduous road that many take to attaining their black belt and the levels one must go to once at that point.

Not to take anything away from those that aren’t there yet or to suggest any of you are those that may fall behind, more to highlight the efforts required to get there and keep at it. Working with you instructors and peers to assist you to getting to this position there is nothing to stop everyone that walks through the EKA doors donning their black belt with pride!

Well done:

1st Dan Black Belts

- Nikita Masiagina

- Leon Sied

- Najwa Tabib

2nd Dan Black Belts

- Dale Norfolk

- Aaron Martin

- Ryan Butler

EKA Summer Training Camp

This summer we will be holding 4 special 90-minute sessions for youngsters aged between 6-14 a great supplement to those members who want to improve their sparring ability and an awesome way to be introduced for non-members over those long summer holidays where time on the PlayStation starts to become obsessive.

These classes will be 90 minutes in length \and will focus entirely on training geared towards sparring, helping to improve any students’ martial arts skills!

Students must have a full set of sparring gear and be registered as a club member of the EKA whilst attending.

Here is the schedule for the 4-week training camp:

Monday 1st August 2022 12.30pm (David)

Monday 8th August 2022 12.30pm (David)

Monday 15th August 2022 12.30pm (Ryan)

Monday 22nd August 2022 12.30pm (David)

Protective sparring gear is needed to participate in this training camp. We sell the gear here at the school for your convenience. Email or speak with an instructor at your next session for more information on sparring equipment.

Book on here for EKA members.

Book on here for those not yet members of the EKA.


July 2022 Offer

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A short blog from lead instructor David on the recent Black Belt grading.

Interested in the EKA Kids Summer Training Camp, see why it could be beneficial for your child and how it can improve their skill at kickboxing