Newsletter: July 2021


Newsletter: July 2021

By: Elemental Fitness Ltd

Newsletter: July 2021

We have had some exceptional weather in recent weeks starting June off with crazy heat waves, and we all know how warm the gym can get when it hits 20°c plus outside. Yet we all keep training and making those improvements.

Speaking of improvements (a feeble attempt at a segue there, just shows how much the heat makes the simple tasks hard) the paint job is finally complete, and the gym is looking nifty, we have seen some good improvements with the children at the most recent grading, additional we are also improving our online services…so yeah…keeping on top of making constant improvements.

Any who, let’s get to it!

Changes to Classes

All classes have been fully up and running no since May 17th. Over a month later and we have seen a surge in new members, just what we needed after all the time off.

This is most likely due to a combination of restrictions in place preventing indoor classes for adults not running and our new app and booking system that makes it easier to buy classes and book in (more about our app here).

To cater for all these new faces, we plan to up the classes from 12 to 20 with plans of restrictions easing from August (dependent on government announcements on 17.07.2021). At the same time, we also hope to re-introduce pad work and partner work again, this also means sparring too – woohoo!!

To keep on top of the plans in place set by us based on government announcements read here.

EKA Grading

First one since February 2020! That is 1 year and 4 months. In that time, we would have had 5 grading classes and even slipped in a black belt one too.

We have only currently dropped to the children’s grading as we plan to introduce the adult grading from August time hopefully with fewer restrictions making it easier to work through more of the syllabus with such things as contact sparring.

Even with a slight change to the way we run grading we are impressed to see it only took a little nudge for the youngsters to deliver some impressive performances – we know it has been a while and understand, especially for the little ninjas, grading can be daunting but nevertheless we are happy with the results – good work guys!

The EKA Gym is Getting a Facelift

We have finished phase 1 of the EF/EKA Gym facelift. This included a simple (yet much needed) paint job. It is amazing what a lick of paint can do. We even have a new graphic in the weights area too to motivate those trying for those extra reps too see this check out our socials to see what it looks like.

We must thank Justin Williams and his team from Orange 21 for all the work. As many may know Justin is a client of ours that has been training with us for a few years now and was one of many that helped us through the lockdowns, this and the high-quality work him and his team produce is why we decided to work with Orange 21. To check out more from these guys go to

On top of this the team have added the focus master G-1000 (sounds crazy right?), which is essentially a pad holder to work some intense combos on, we had it up before the gym had a re-do a few years back and it was a lot of fun for clients to play around with.

We have even added a speed ball too, to really let out your inner Rocky…AADRIAAAN!

Recent Blogs

With the expectation of the classes returning to what they were pre-covid here is an article about stance and how to utilise your position to command a fight. A great read to prep for those sparring matches come August time.


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