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Ready to Expand Your Fitness and Martial Arts Business in Leeds?

Struggling to find the perfect venue for your training sessions? Tired of lugging equipment between venues, which eats into your revenue and personal time? Look no further, Elemental Fitness is here to support you!

Our dedicated trainers appreciate the strong sense of community at Elemental Fitness and the availability of a wide range of gym equipment. When you join us, you'll enjoy uncompromised access to our top-notch equipment, allowing you to deliver high-quality sessions. Our gym floor PT stations and studio space are available for flexible hourly rental or on a monthly basis, so you only pay for what you use. As an added perk, all our PTs can use the facilities for their own training.

Whether you're a full-time trainer, a newly qualified PT making a career transition, or a part-time trainer, we offer flexibility that suits your schedule. You can book sessions as needed, seamlessly integrating them with other commitments.

Discover the convenience and affordability of hosting your fitness coaching sessions at the Elemental Fitness studio, starting at just £7.50 per visit. Join us and take your fitness and martial arts business to the next level!"

24-7 Access

  • Personal Training
  • Pilates
  • Small Group PT
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • No Contract
  • Yoga
  • Workshops
  • Dance
  • Private Spaces
  • Be your own boss
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First 4 classes £20.00. No strings, no commitment, just great training.