Newsletter January 2020


Newsletter January 2020

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Newsletter January 2020

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2020. How many have stuck to their New Year resolution? Well done if you have, do not worry if you have not. There is always time to start improving yourself at any point in the year, you do not have to wait for the clock to strike midnight to do it.

February EKA Grading


White, Yellow & Orange Belt Tuesday 18th February 2019 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Senior Purple, Junior Blue & Senior Blue Thursday 20th February 2019 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Red, Green & Junior Purple Belt Tuesday 25th February 2019 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Junior Brown, Brown II & Senior Brown Belt Thursday 27th February 2019 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Children's Gradings

White & Yellow Belt Saturday 22nd February 2019 11:15am - 12:30pm

Orange & Red Belt Saturday 29th February 2019 11:15am - 12:30pm

​Tournament News and Fight Club

As of yet there is no news on specific dates regarding tournaments. Expect these to be outlined within the next newsletter.

As for fight club as normal every fortnight with Aidan taking charge and pushing Team EKA. Get down to strategize and get prepped for tournaments and even improve sparring for grading and against that one member you just want to beat – chances are they do fight club too.

Kids Class Challenge

To start the year we are keeping the challenge simple with press-ups. An important exercise all children should know and perform with ease.

A bodyweight exercise that on its own can improve health vastly and develop other areas of the body too with immense upper body strength gains and increased core stability. The sooner a child learns this basic exercise the easier the rest of their adult life can be.

The rules are straightforward - do the most consecutive press ups without stopping/dropping.

2019 best bits

2019 for the Elemental Kickboxing Academy was a great year. Early in the year we had Team EKA prepare themselves for a year filled with bouts and medals ending in many golds won and even a full contact K1 match something we have never done before!

Chole Bruce returned to show off her signature style in martial arts and give some of the lead instructors ideas which are still being implemented to this day and improving all members mobility and flexibility.

We had more members join the prestigious rank of black belt making the total number of members achieve their black belts at the EKA 21!

Summertime gave us the Family Fun day out and the EKA raffle (hopefully another one soon) which gave the club more incentive to start doing more stalls at outdoor events.

Along with everything else we had 4 solid grading from the adults and children’s class and seen a brilliant growth in members too which can only mean we must be doing something right. Here is to an exceptional 2020!

Tidy Gym

With the addition of more PT staff and the club growing the space we have on the busiest days is getting reduced.

Don’t worry we still have a massive area for training – more specifically it is the seating area and the grass track. With a full class of 20+ members and all three full time PT session being run we need to make sure that the area where members leave their belongings is kept free from clutter

This means bags and the like kept on or under the benches and not going placing anything beyond the treadmills. This will give enough space for both members of the club and personal training clients to get the most from their training and also reduce risk of accident.

We thank you for cooperating.

Interesting Blogs

Did you know we have an archive of fun, interesting fact filled blogs that give an insight to the world of fitness and martial arts.

Ever wondered what a kickboxer’s diet consists of? Perhaps you need a list of ten exercises to help build leg strength? Check our blog page to find out all this and much more


To start off 2020 we have an enticing offer to get you a head-start into your New Year resolution. In January all new customers to Elemental Fitness will receive the 10% discount on blocking ten sessions as well as 1 session free – Saving you £58.00

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Standard session rate of £29.00

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