Newsletter: August 2023


Newsletter: August 2023

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Newsletter: August 2023

Greetings, everyone!

Summer holidays are finally here! It's the perfect time for vacations, quality family time, and, of course, lots of BBQs (fingers crossed for good weather!). Are you looking to get "beach body ready" for your time away? Our 1-to-1 Personal Training sessions will help you achieve your fitness goals and feel confident in your own skin.

Keep the kids active and away from screens during the holidays by enrolling them in our exciting classes. They'll have a blast while staying fit and healthy. And speaking of BBQs, don't worry about indulging in all that delicious food – our gym access will help you capitalize on those gains and stay on track with your fitness journey.

Whatever you need, training at Elemental Fitness and the EKA is always the answer!

Kickboxing Classes

Fight Club: Last month's smaller and more personal fight club proved to be a valuable experience for all participants. While larger classes offer more matchups, these condensed sessions provide a unique opportunity for individualized training. Participants were able to focus on their personal strengths and weaknesses, resulting in significant skill development.

As we enter the summer holiday season, it's common to see smaller class sizes. However, we anticipate a surge in attendance for the next fight club, which is scheduled for Saturday, August 19th, at 12:45. Mark your calendars and join us for this exciting event, where you'll have the chance to showcase your progress and sharpen your sparring abilities. Let's make it a memorable and action-packed Fight Club together!

Black Belt Grading: Huge congratulations are in order for exceptional martial artist, Josh, who has achieved the prestigious 1st Dan black belt!

Throughout the practical elemental of his grading, Josh demonstrated unwavering determination, accounting for 50% of his overall mark. Enduring a challenging 5-hour assessment, he showcased his skills in technical elements, partner work, fitness tests, and sparring, putting his physical and mental capabilities to the test.

Completing the theory element by successfully running a beginners-based class earlier in July, Josh truly proved himself as a dedicated martial artist. The preparations he made over the past 6 months and his years of previous training all culminated in this remarkable achievement.

We are immensely proud of your hard work and commitment, Josh. Your dedication to the art of martial arts is an inspiration to us all. Enjoy your well-deserved celebrations and have a fantastic weekend!

Charity Sparring Event: Help Club Member and 1st Dan Black Belt, Josh Fawn, Achieve His Fundraising Goal for Cancer Research UK!

We are seeking enthusiastic sparring partners to join us in supporting Josh Fawn's incredible endeavour to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. Josh has taken on a remarkable challenge, aiming to complete 50 rounds of sparring, with each round lasting 90 seconds and having 60 seconds of rest in between. This exciting event will take place on Saturday, 30th September, from 13:00 to 16:00 at Elemental Fitness Ltd / Elemental Kickboxing Leeds.

If you're already a member of the club and wish to participate as a contender, reach out to Josh directly to arrange the details for your involvement.

Help us spread the word about this event by sharing this post with your friends and family. Let's raise awareness for this noble cause together. Additionally, if you're willing and able, you can also contribute by donating to support Josh's efforts.

Good luck, Josh! Your dedication and commitment to this cause are truly inspiring, and we're all behind you every step of the way!

Member Mention: This month, we are thrilled to give a well-deserved shoutout to Filip Sied for his remarkable transformation in attitude towards training and the remarkable boost in his confidence! Filip has shown incredible resilience, bouncing back from a minor setback in his training journey. Thanks to the unwavering support from all lead instructors, he's now soaring to new heights and excelling in his classes.

In recent sessions, Filip has not only been an inspiration to others but also an asset to the group. He confidently led demonstrations and adeptly guided others through various techniques, demonstrating a level of skill that's impressive for someone of his age. We commend him for his outstanding performance and dedication to improvement.

Keep up the fantastic work, Filip! The entire team is delighted to witness your passion and love for the sport reignited. We're confident that your journey will continue to be filled with success and growth.


Next grading has been set for the week commencing September 18th. Please check the grading page for more information.

Elemental Fitness Online Training

We are running trials of our new online platform as part of improving our live services. To conduct these trials, we are granting free gym access to 15 members from the EKA and clients of Elemental Fitness. As part of this opportunity, you will receive access to our online training platform to test and use to its full potential.

To secure your spot and gain unlimited access to the gym and online training platform, please send an email to or speak with one of our trainers during your next visit. This exclusive opportunity allows you to experience our gym facilities first-hand while exploring the features and benefits of our innovative online training platform.

Find out more here and see if you are eligible to have free training.