Newsletter: April 2024


Newsletter: April 2024

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Newsletter: April 2024

As we dive into April, we're thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments and progress within our vibrant community. First and foremost, a huge congratulations to everyone who participated in our recent Belt Grading—your dedication and hard work have paid off, and we applaud your achievements! Our latest Fight Club was yet another resounding success, paving the way for an exciting new venture: the formation of our competition team. Get ready to showcase your skills and spirit on a whole new level!

In other news, we're thrilled to highlight the impressive successes of our personal training clients, who have been smashing their goals and achieving remarkable transformations. Their stories inspire us all to reach for our personal best.

We're also excited to welcome Lydia to our team! With her wealth of experience as a personal trainer, Lydia joins us to enhance our training programs and support our members on their fitness journeys.

Kickboxing Classes

Fight Club: Exciting news from Fight Club! Instructors James and Josh are teaming up to bring you more regular sessions, laying the groundwork for a brand-new team and dedicated squad training sessions, for those competing under the EKA. This means a new team name is on the horizon—stay tuned on our socials to find out more!

Last fight club on March 16th was another hit, that’s 4 in three months, showcasing you guys really want to fight!

The impact of previous Fight Club sessions is already evident, with members showing improved sparring abilities reflected in their grading results. It's inspiring to witness our community's progress and dedication in action. See our detailed fight club blog for more information.

Member Mention: Congratulations to all our members who have achieved their next rank! Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and we couldn't be prouder of your accomplishments.

The addition of Fight Clubs and Kata classes has truly been instrumental in honing your skills, and it's inspiring to see how these opportunities have led to noticeable improvements in your abilities. Keep up the fantastic work.

Aliza Shah

Chloe Todd

Danielle Raw

Drewie Smith

Eduard Covoran

Elliot Trivett

Francesca Sarwar

Gemma Baxendale

Hailey-Jo Ager

Hollie Whelan

Isaac Chahal

Isabelle Marsh

Jack Leyland

Jacob Lunn

Jacob Sarwar

Jensen Gilfeather

Joseph Marsh

Kaden Lunn

Kathryn Raw

Leon Dunn

Lewis Garbutt

Nico Smith

Noah Mcmahon

Oliver Toft

Raj Chahal

Ronnie-James Friend

Sharon Robinson-Marsh

Tyresha Richards


Next Grading will be organised for the start of June. Please ensure that you have purchased the grading fee and booked in to the relevant date your belt is held on. If you are unable to grade that day, please give the team ample notice to avoid missing out.

Hire the Elemental Fitness Gym

Last month we promoted gym use for members outside of their classes. But did you know we also let other personal trainers hire the space to evolve their own business?

Discover the ultimate fitness transformation at Elemental Kickboxing Leeds! Say goodbye to venue struggles and equipment hassles.

Step into our purpose-built martial arts studio and embrace the flexibility of our Pay-as-You-Go option, starting from just £7.50 per visit. Alternatively, unlock unlimited access for only £1.90 per hour with our monthly subscription! Enjoy complete gym privileges for independent training between client sessions.

With our vibrant community & state-of-the-art equipment, it is the perfect place for budding young PT’s that don’t want to commit to a years’ worth of venue hire. You get unlimited gym & studio access and customization rental plans tailored to your needs.

Not only are you getting the use of the venue for an amazing price you get exclusive trainer benefits & continuous support from the team.

Our budget-friendly rates are perfect for an all-encompassing fitness experience to kick-start your business. Interested? Connect with Elemental Kickboxing Leeds today!

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