Newsletter: April 2022


Newsletter: April 2022

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Newsletter: April 2022

Greetings all – hope everyone has been enjoying the nice weather (apart from that odd blizzard we had, have we angered the gods or something with everything going on in the world?) Many of you are still smashing it at classes when the beer gardens and impromptu barbeques are calling – well done.

Let’s get to it.

Kickboxing Classes

Some new additions to the club with more hanging bags. As the classes have started to fill more regularly and more members enjoying the bag and pad drills, we have installed 4 new bags. Currently they have had a fair bit of use and they are certainly paying for themselves.

Additionally, as we are martial arts focused both within the club and personal training, and since we are open for Gym Access to our facilities outside of class and Pt sessions– we wanted something that you cannot get at your Pure Gyms or local leisure centers.

If you want to partake in getting use of these bags as well as access to the weights area and a free 6-week programme to get you started check out our Elemental Fitness Gym Access page – Members of the EKA and PT clients of both face-to-face and remote training also receive a discount to use the facilities

Elemental Fitness Online

Did you know that you’re sitting on a goldmine of information with the MyPTHub app? We recently spoke to our members that use the app solely for booking purposes and they are unaware of the functionality that app has to offer.

Many of our members ask us to assist with flexibility routines or strengthening programmes that can either be done at home or when they are at the gym – in the past we have offered to run a PT (and this is still the best way to get the most from training) but now we can give you a plethora of routines to help.

Take the most common one, improving your flexibility, rather than try remembering a certain routine you did at the club you can head to the store front and purchase 6 routines to use to your hearts content – all for £9.99!!

We have seen a few that have taken this advice and it shows, with comments from instructors on a remarkable improvement with flexibility in those that use the service.

Check out the store front now to see what we have on offer

Children’s classes

March’s challenge was to focus on leg and glute strength, and it was challenging…which is the idea, some wobbly legs during that session.

April’s challenge is all about being ‘springy’, for obvious reasons. Jumping front kicks is the game and more wobbly legs are the aim – if it isn’t obvious, Ryan has a thing for leg workouts – those that come to his Tuesday class will attest.

Kids class special mentions

Kavi Moore – We have seen a huge improvement from the last time he graded (this time for green belt) and you can clearly see that with all the hard work he has been putting in recently. With improvements to sparing due to attending the Thursday class, such as power/aggression control, footwork, and confidence. Well done!

Filip Sied – A great example of the club with massive potential as he grows with the EKA. Passing his senior purple belt he performed clear demonstrations, provided great spirit when striking and performing the KI (who knew there could be so much noise coming from a small person) his sparring was fierce (as always), and one of the strongest in the club for his age. Keep up the hard work Filip!

Adults Classes

We had a one off special in March with Twist Physio coming down on Wednesday 2nd March to run a special class alongside head instructor David.

The class was focused towards improving hip mobility to see a refinement in kicks. Rebecca (of Twist Physio) imparted us with her understanding of joint movement and exercises to help our members get the most form their kickboxing training.

It went that well we are also in talks to collaborate once again – this time producing an online programme geared towards our members increasing their frequency of training with a special physio/kickboxing programme – keep an eye out to see more of Twist Physio at the EKA.

Adults class special mentions

Tyresha Richards – A great first grading with lots of enthusiasm and spirit brought to every technique that she does. She might complain when we ask her to do the leg strengthening or say that she ‘can’t do it ‘when we know full well that she can, but her self-confidence is increasing massively, keep pushing yourself to your limits Tyresha!

Adrian Apostol – Adrian has come a long way since starting with us and it is evident that his consistent training has brought him to where he is today. He has earned his improvements and it just shows that practice does indeed make perfect. If he keeps up the hard work, he will be an even better fighter than he already is. Excellent work Adrian.


The start of March saw the EKA complete its first gradings for 2022. With a record jump in new members grading, this bodes well to seeing a fuller more active club reminiscent of pre-covid (yeah remember that thing?).

We would also like to let you guys know that certificates will be sent via email instead of collected in person at the club. The decision was made to prevent paper waste and become greener.

*Printing and laminating certificates will be available on request*

Well done to the following for passing and achieving their belt:

Sienna Vincent

Noah Mcmahon

Kate Greenwood

Precia Sutton

Tyresha Richards

Kathryn Raw

Daria Nicolson

Leon Dunn

Danielle Raw

Adrian Apostol

Leo Gordon

Edward Roberts

Avani Moore

Oscar Wright

Karina Masiagina

Alex Robey

Jaya Dhinsa

Ian Westman

Harrison Parker

Terry Wharton

Kavi Moore

Shaan Dhinsa

Chris Mellor

Aaron Geers

Rachel Flynn

Jamie Dhinsa

Filip Sied

Damian Kiss

Klaudia Jaszczak

Stuart Wright

Andrew Smith

Steven Dunn

Layton Fidler

We hope to see you all flourish and in the coming years and strive to attain that 1st Dan Black Belt.

Speaking of Black Belts, grading is set for Saturday 25th June 2022 08.00 - 13.00. Be sure to purchase the participant entry for this one-off special grading


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