Improve your training with the right equipment


Improve your training with the right equipment

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Improve your training with the right equipment

"We can rebuild him; we have the technology” Oscar Goldman4 (Opening of The Six Million Dollar Man5)

What. I hear you say, no big philosophical opening, no ancient words for us here. Well, in a word, no but I will give you a good reason.

The opening quotation gives no better lead in to the open for this blog, which is about technology, and how it can improve you. Therefore, the useful idioms at some points can be updated. I mean we may not get to quite the futuristic climbs of SteveAustin6 (Yes and not 3:16 Steve Austin7) But the titular ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’. (Prices not adjusted for inflation)

You will be used to me telling you about how you can improve technique, power, and speed through simple practice. But what if you’ve done everything, then it’s time to bring in the technology and specifically resources we have available at the club.

In the below I will explain the fancy pieces of kit and what they can offer you, yes you, the humble martial artist. Then if you want to give them a whirl, speak to a responsible adult e.g., Dave or James and they can advise you.


What is it for?

The speedball is a bag filled with air, ranging in size, suspended from a plinth. It is used to strike repeatedly over and over again.

What will it help me with?

Routinely used to make fighters understand they have to keep their hands up for striking and for improving hand to eye coordination. This can also improve a fighter’s endurance with sufficient practice.

What do I do ?

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Double Ended Bag

What is it for?

This is much like the speedball, in that it is a bag of varying size, that is suspended on elastic to the ceiling and the floor in order to create a bounce when struck.

What will it help me with?

Much like the speedball, it is used to improve hand eye coordination and focus, but also reaction. As it sways back and forward and side to side it gives the fighter more feedback and allows the use of blocks and weaving.

What do I do ?


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Focus Master

What is it for?

A very sophisticated piece of kit, that is used to set up different striking combination in multiple different want, more like a regular body bag but a lot more versatile. My favourite parts the warning that says ‘Misuse may result in injury…….or death’ selling that well guys. (So yes please speak to Dave or James)

What will it help me with?

So, the thing with body bags, is they lack the dimensions for difficult precision strikes that you may want to line up. As its sturdy too you can really lay into it. So full power, complex striking drills.

What do I do ?

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