Managing Behaviour in Class


Children's Reward Charts

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Children's Reward Charts

Children's Reward Chart Update!

At the EKA we reward our younger students to encourage good behaviour so members can get the most from their training sessions. We encourage the children to go above and beyond what is required.

For this, we have the sticker system. Each child will be given a sticker chart in their first class. Stickers will provide each child with recognition that they have focused during class and trained to the best of their ability. The more stickers they have the closer they are to a reward.

The sticker chart consists of 5 rows of 10 stickers, totalling 50 stickers per chart.

The reward

When a child completes a row they will receive a free 30-minute personal training session with the children’s class lead instructor. This will need to be arranged directly with the lead instructor, ideally 45 minutes before our scheduled children’s classes.

In these 30 minutes, they can work 1 on 1 with the children's class lead instructor to focus on what area they want to improve. I.e. sparring, kata forms, pad drills, bag work, technique, or a good mix of everything!

You will also get a recognition post on our social media pages and in our monthly newsletter congratulating you on your hard work.

Working with Challenging Behaviour

At the EKA, we pride ourselves on being disciplined and focused, however we also like to have fun and allow the children to express themselves in a free but productive manner.

For adults respect towards your instructor is generally an easy concept and is displayed well through members. For children, this is something they learn as they grow, therefore we have a points system in place to help them understand our boundaries in what we consider to be acceptable behaviour during class.

3 marks - Time out from the lesson (3 minutes)

4 marks – Miss out on the game at the end of class

5 marks – See the head instructor

15 marks in a class (combined) – class loses out on reward (multiple children getting strikes)

20 marks in a month – Miss out on next grading. Notify parent by email.

30 marks in 2 months – 2 weeks suspension from the class. Notify parent by email.

60 marks within a 12-month period – 3 months suspended from class

If a child receives more than 120 strikes within a 12 month period they will lose their club membership for 1 year.

Our reward charts are run alongside this points system to encourage good behaviour as opposed to punishing bad behaviour alone. Our points procedure is not to alienate those who demonstrate unacceptable behaviour but to help educate the child in what is acceptable behaviour at class and not disrupt the wider group.