Edward Kelly

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Edward Kelly

Edward has trained with the Elemental Kickboxing Leeds since January 2014. He is a 3rd dan black belt freestyle karate and kickboxing and a level 3 qualified personal trainer.

Edward graded for his 1st Dan Black Belt under Gareth Lloyd Evans (5th Dan) in September 2008, his 2nd Dan black belt under Tom Hibbert (7th Dan) in June 2010, and his 3rd Dan black belt under Brian Beck (8th Dan) October 2015.

Edward's energy and jump spinning kicks go hand in hand to make him a fierce fighter. He has a keen eye for sparring and likes high intensity training specific to martial arts through the use of aerobic and anaerobic training to improve strength and overall body conditioning.

He has competed in a number national and international championships which include achieving a silver and bronze medal in points fighting at the WKC World Championships in 2009 in Dublin, Ireland.

Edward currently assists with classes when instructors are occasionally absent.

Fighter Profile:

First Name: Edward

Surname: Kelly

Nickname: Machine Gun Kelly

Date of Birth: 25/12/96

Date Joined: January 2014

Belt: 3rd Dan Black Belt

Weight: 80KG

Height: 180cm

Location: Leeds

Home town: Leeds

Fighting style: Unpredictable

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