Join us online!


Join us online!

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Join us online!

Here at Elemental Fitness & the Elemental Kickboxing Leeds we have been busy working in the background creating new procedures whilst in lock down. This has come with its challenges but we are really pleased with the systems we have adapted so members can continue to benefit from the club and our services we all care about, as well as creating new content in fields we were unfamiliar with.

Below you will see outlined the different services available and we would love to see you all get involved as much as you can. Please continue to like, comment and share our material to promote your club through these difficult times. A simple share has been known to improve post reach and engagements by up to 5 times! These small actions have a significant impact on the clubs awareness in the local community and will inevitably lead to a stronger return!

Home Workouts

Our instructors are running free Kickboxing Home Workouts and High Intensity Interval Training (HIT) Home Workouts.

The home kickboxing workouts premiere at 11am Monday to Friday on the Elemental Kickboxing Leeds Facebook page and the HIT workouts premier at 12pm every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday on the Elemental Fitness Facebook page. All work outs are also available our YouTube channel.

We’d love to hear from you, please leave your feedback in the comments section of the videos and send in photo's of your training for us to share.


Quickfire questions

We thought it would be a good idea to gather clips of our members answering quickfire questions relating to your training and experiences whilst in lock down. It's genuinely great to see familiar faces during these times, receive feedback, see what you're up to and use the material to promote the club in the future.

Here is an example published on our Facebook page featuring Team EKA member Jude. All videos will also be available on the Elemental Kickboxing Leeds Facebook page quickfire questions playlist as well as published to the main feed.

If you would like to be involved, please provide us with a video of yourself answering the following question.

a. Introduction (hello and your name)

b. What do you like best about the club?

c. What is your favourite technique?

d. What is your favourite exercise? (or drill?)

e. What is your least favourite exercise?

f. What do you consider your greatest / proudest achievement? (doesn't have to be kickboxing)

g. What is the best gift you have had bought or bought for yourself during lockdown?

Once completed please send your clips to us either via facebook messenger or Whats App Paul on 07584 165 466.



We are putting together adhok challenges for you all to complete and send in your videos. Instructions are outlined in each post on our Facebook pages and playlists will be created for every entry. Currently we have -

a. The handstand tshirt challenge

See our handstand challenge post here or visit the new playlist here.

This will be an ongoing challenge so keep sharing your clips in the comments of the original post and beat the times that have already been achieved!

b. The Elemental Fitness monthly challenge -

Our Elemental Fitness monthly challenges are ongoing. All are welcome to attempt our home challenges. Instructional videos are available from the 1st of the month via the Elemental Fitness Challenge leader board as well as on the Elemental Fitness Facebook page and YouTube channel.

c. The Elemental Kickboxing Leeds Kids monthly challenge

Our Elemental Kickboxing Leeds kids monthly challenges are ongoing. All are welcome to attempt our home challenges. Instructional videos are available from the 1st of the month via our Elemental Kickboxing Leeds Facebook page page and YouTube channel.


Fighter Profiles

Before the lock down we intended on creating fighter profiles for all Team EKA members so why not start it now!

We have started to collect information from Team EKA fighters to publish their very own personal profiles. Initially these will be shared and added to an album via the Elemental Kickboxing Leeds Facebook page, and longer term we will use this information to publish on our website.

If you would like to be included please email with the following answers.

a. First Name

b. Surname

c. Nickname

d. DOB

e. Date joined EKA

f. Weight

g. Height

h. Reach (see wingspan technique to work this out)

i. Location

j. Home town

k. Fighting style / previous martial arts experience

l. Achievements / strengths / proudest moment(s)

Please leave any questions blank that you don’t want publishing.


Thank you for your continued support and we look forwards to seeing you all again soon.

Stay safe,

The EKA Team